Siux Raven 18K Hybrid 2021 Padelracket


Siux Raven 18K Hybrid är en av de nya modellerna som ingår i Siux nya, hypade Raven kollektion! Fri frakt!

3 395 kr

Siux Raven 18K Hybrid 2021

Den nya Siux Raven Hybrid 18K är en av modellerna i det nya Siux Raven-sortimentet. Som i de andra versionerna är den nyaste trippelbryggan med den centrala delen i form av ett prisma, vilket ökar fastheten och styrkan för varje träff.

The big difference with respect to its 3K cousin is the carbon of the layouts, which is 18K, so it is more flexible and provides greater speed in the ball exit. Even so, it is a very resistant material that offers power in offensive hits. In short, this model is polyvalent, with an ideal balance between power and control. It is designed for players with an advanced or professional level and has a shiny and smooth finish. In this way, it achieves greater speed in the ball exit. Its shape is hybrid and the medium-high balance makes it provide that spectacular balance between power and control that many are looking for.

Besides, it is important to highlight the ShockOut anti-vibration system that incorporates thanks to the agreement that has been reached between Siux and the well-known brand. This system in the heart of the padel racket eliminates vibrations, improves comfort in the game, provides more power and prevents possible injuries. This new integration is ideal for players with elbow, shoulder or wrist problems. Finally, its core is made of a laminated EVA Soft High Recovery rubber, which provides a soft touch with high recovery, minimizing vibrations to the maximum, and its frame is made of a 100% carbon tubular to offer extra power and resistance.

Teknisk specifikation

  • TYPE OF PLAYER : advanced to professional
  • PROFILE: 38 mm.
  • SHAPE: hybrid
  • CORE: laminated EVA Soft High Recovery
  • FACES: Carbon 18K
  • FRAME: Tubular carbono
  • TYPE OF PADEL RACKET: Polyvalent
  • BALANCE: Medium-High
  • FINISH: Shiny and smooth
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