Siux Genesis Hybrid Padelracket


Nya Siux Genesis Hybrid Gold Carbon är modellen som alla letar efter. Lucho Capra-racketen är redan här och har de bästa fördelarna för de mest krävande spelarna.

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Siux Genesis Hybrid

The new Siux Genesis Hybrid Gold Carbon is the model that everybody was looking for. The Lucho Capra racket it´s already here and comes with the best benefits for the most demaning High Level players. The new Genesis highlights thanks to the incorporated Vibrastop K-2.0 rojo.

This reduces most of the vibrations and gives you an extra comfort hitting the ball. Besides, it has a wide sweetspot and its 5 Laminations High Resistance Soft Eva offers you a better cushioning to increase the control and to increase the rebound. Other of the new beneifts is the material on the faces: The 21K Hybrid Gold Carbon. This carbon gives you an extra power and resistance. On the other hand, the frame has been made on Carbon-Kevlar Bitube to increase the durability of our racket once we hit the fence or the ground.

Thanks to all these characteristics, the hybrid shape and the medium-high balance, this new Genesis Hybrid Gold Carbon its a polyvalent racket. Giving you a magnificient relation between power and control. This new Siux racket has been made for Advanced-Professional level players.

The Siux Genesis Hybrid Gold Carbon is part of the Siux Genesis models, it´s the most expected racket this year. This rackets counts with an amazing Carbon design on red and gold, very elegant. Siux Genesis Hybrid Gold Carbon. The beggining of a new era.

Technical Characteristics

  • LEVEL: Advanced-Professional
  • WEIGHT: 355-380 gr.
  • EDGE: 38 mm.
  • SHAPE: Hybrid
  • CORE:  5 Laminations High Resistance Soft Eva
  • FACES: Hybrid Gold Carbon 21K
  • FRAME: Carbon-Kevlar Bitube
  • BALANCE: Medium-High
  • TYPE: Power-Control
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