Siux Fenix 3K 2021 Padelracket


Det nya Siux Fenix 3K är uppdateringen till Siux populäraste modell, Siux Fenix, som används av Javi Ruiz på WPT touren. Denna version kommer med en del modifikationer för att göra racket mer välbalanserat.

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Siux Fenix 3K 2021

The new Siux Fenix 3K is an update of the well-known padel racket of Javi Ruiz, with some modifications to make it a balanced padel racket, ideal for a power-control game. Unlike the original Fenix, the new padel racket has a medium balance and maintains its inverted drop shape. Besides, it changes the material of its layouts, incorporating 3K carbon, more flexible than its predecessor, so it provides greater speed in ball exit and control.

For this reason, it is a polyvalent model, as it provides great power and precision in every hit. The frame continues to be a carbon bi-tubular to provide wonderful durability and resistance. At its core, it has the Black EVA Soft High Recovery 5 Laminations, which provides a spectacular speed in recovery.

It is also the same rubber that is included in the Fenix of Javi Ruiz. In the neck area, it includes an internal aramid anti-vibrator as in its predecessor, so it helps reduce vibrations and eliminate elbow problems. Finally, its finish is matte and smooth, to increase power and offer a drier feel in each hit.

The new Siux Fenix 3K is ideal for high-level players looking for balance on the court. Ideal for defending and attacking, this new padel racket has the best of its predecessor.

Technical characteristics

  • PLAYER TYPE: advanced-professional
  • PROFILE: 38 mm.
  • SHAPE: inverted drop
  • CORE: EVA Soft Rubber 5 Laminations High Recovery
  • FACE: 3K Carbon
  • FRAME: Double carbon tubular
  • TYPE OF PADEL RACKET: Polyvalent
  • BALANCE: medium
  • FINISH: smooth matte
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