Siux Diablo Revolution 24K 2021 Padelracket


Nya Siux Diablo Revolution 24K är redan verklighet. Det nya utbudet av Diablo Revolution upprätthåller kärnan i Siux Diablo att alltid multiplicera kraften och kontrollen som erbjuds till varje padelspelare, i varje slag. Fri frakt!

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Siux Diablo Revolution 24K 2021

The new Siux Diablo Revolution 24K is already a reality. The new range of Diablo Revolution maintains the essence of the Siux Diablo of always and, at the same time, multiplies the power and control offered to each padel player. The Revolution system consists of a layout carbon bi-tubular in the frame of the padel racket that offers an incredible absorption of vibrations and provides greater consistency and firmness in the hit.

Another new feature of these new Diablos is the four Shock out anti-vibration pads incorporated into the padel racket to eliminate vibrations, improve comfort on every hit and prevent possible injuries to the wrist, shoulder, and elbow. Also contributing to the reduction of vibrations is the four-arm bridge, similar to that of the Trilogy. The difference between the three Diablo Revolution is the material used in the planes.

This time, it is made of 24K carbon, the softest of the three, so this padel racket has a higher ball speed than its sisters. Besides, the faces also have graphene, which increases its strength and increases its hardness and durability. The shape of this new padel racket is inverted drop, following the mold that characterizes this model and, thanks to its medium balance, it is ideal to provide a balanced and game.

Finally, its core is made of 5-laminations Ultra Soft High Recovery EVA rubber, which improves the control of each stroke and provides greater speed in the ball exit. Besides, it is a rubber known for its high recovery speed after hitting.


Typ: Mångsidig

Form: Dropp 

Balans: Medium 

Kärna: EVA Soft Rubber 5 Laminations High Recovery

Material i träffytan: 24K Carbon+Graphene

Material i ramen: BiTubular Carbon 

Vikt: 360-375g

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